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Custom Web Form | Data-Aware Web Form | PHP ASP dotNet MySQL SQLServer| Overland Park KS, KansasAs a natural extension of our core competencies in ASP, PHP, and JavaScript programming, database technologies, and web design, eCenterSoftware has developed extensive expertise in the design and development of customized Web Forms to support a variety of business applications.  Our experience covers the entire range of functionality and complexity from simple subscription forms to sophisticated interactive interfaces to backend databases. 

eCenterSoftware can provide a Web Form solution tailored to meet your exact requirements and designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing environment. 

Capabilities include:

  • ASP, PHP, CGI, and PERL based solutions provide operability across the widest possible range of server environments (Windows, UNIX, LINUX).

  • Success and Failure pages to communicate Submit status to the user.  Failure pages explicitly define reasons for failure (e.g. null or invalid data in required fields, missing or invalid username or password, etc.).
  • Interactive data-aware forms fully interfaced to MSSQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access databases to support complex queries, table lookups, and content retention.  CSV file interfaces for data storage are also supported.
  • Email interface to web mail server facilities (CDONTS, SendMail, etc.) provide the capability to send notifications of form submission, transmit form contents, and deliver a customized HTML response (including attachments if applicable) to the user.
  • Multi-part forms.
  • Cascading forms with conditional branching.
  • Pipelining (interactivity with other web applications).

If you need to collect information from web site visitors why settle for a hyperlink that simply opens the user's mail client and yields unstructured, incomplete data in a format that is both difficult to manage and nearly impossible to retrieve when needed?

If your current environment could benefit from customized, user-friendly web forms please EMAIL us for a recommendation and quotation or use the link on our Home or Contact Us page to request a free estimate. 

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